#31blogs31days – The Making Of

31 Jul

This article is the last of the series “31 blogs in 31 days” during July 2017 on howtofab.com.

It’s done! 31 blog posts in 31 days! And yes, I am counting today’s post as one of them…

When I set out to do this project, I did it with 3 questions in mind:

  • The Project – I had never written on a daily basis before, so I was simply curious to see if I would pull through, if my love for writing would grow even more, or if my motivation would dwindle and I would give up half-way. The plan was to write and publish on the same day, for 31 days in a row, on a topic that I would decide on spontaneously. I did not have a list of 31 topics in advance, this project wasn’t “the book I have been meaning to write all my life“, it was an exercise in writing, which is something I have loved doing all my life.

Check! I can say I did what I set out to do. There were only 2 days when I had to prepare my texts, which I did, and the rest was writing and publishing on the same day. Every article took me anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours from opening the laptop to closing it again. I can’t say that my love for writing has become transcendental – it’s still something I love doing, but I have to admit, it was a bit of a chore sometimes. But there was only really one day towards the end, where I really struggled to come up with a topic, the other days were fine and I still have a number of topics I didn’t write about.

  • The Writing – I was also curious to see whether my writing would change, whether this daily rhythm would have an impact on my thinking, whether I would notice a pattern or find my absolute perfect writing time slot during the day and whether I would suddenly see the world through different eyes.

Nope, nothing has changed. I still write the way I did before. I noticed that writing in the morning was usually better, as I could then tick that box for the day, but that’s about it. I did walk around life, or read my books, more with a view to potential topics, but this project has not completely altered me. I also noticed that I didn’t lose the impatience I get towards the end of my posts and I still seem to be allergic to editing. I simply can’t do it. I can just about bring myself to check my texts for typos (and I probably missed quite a few) but publishing, getting it done and out, was more important to me than editorial excellence.

  • The Effect – Let’s be honest here, writing a public blog is a narcissistic vanity project. I am the last one to deny that. But it can have positive effects well beyond one’s planning and imagination. My article on burnout last year got well over 400,000 views in just a few months and even today I still get people contacting me about it. I could have probably “capitalised” on it a lot more, but I was genuinely overwhelmed and a bit clueless by its success. So, in a way, I was curious to see whether any of these articles would also find their way onto other channels and generally, what feedback I would get.

If I can trust the various analytics tools, I can safely say that this project didn’t break the internet. The stats were pretty stable throughout and it doesn’t seem as if any article was noticeably more or less popular than the others. The occasional feedback I got was pretty good and I am curious to see whether any article will have a life beyond this project. You never know what can happen to words once they are out on the web.

Overall I am pleased and a little bit proud that I managed to complete the project. After all, I did this for myself. As always I am lacking the distance and objectivity to judge the quality of my writing. And I have no idea whether I was getting on anybody’s nerves with this project – if I did, I really don’t care – or if I have helped anybody – if I did, cool. And I am also glad it’s over. This project definitely gave my July days some structure, but I am happy to have a break from daily writing now.

I will now pack my bag and spend the rest of the day by a lake in France, eating baguettes and drinking wine. Actually, I quite fancy this lifestyle….

Picture: ti2darwish via Pixabay / CC0


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