The missing piece

11 Jul

This article is part of the series “31 blogs in 31 days” during July 2017 on

Do you have something in your life, perhaps even a daily routine of some sort, that is more annoying than it needs to be? Or something you only do once in a while but every time it gives you a headache?

Ask yourself if there is one single thing that could make this a better experience.

This little hack can be applied to the most mundane all the way to the more relevant situations in life.

Is there one thing I am missing to make this not suck as much as it does?

Your daily morning bike ride is quite tough because the bike is in bad shape? Take the bike to a shop and have it fixed. This week!

You keep sending emails slightly prematurely and then get panicky? Check your email programme if you can activate the “Undo Send” (or a similar name) functionality? Gmail has that and it gives you up to 30 seconds to withdraw any email already sent.

You keep forgetting your phone charger at work? Buy another one for your home.

If you keep running into the same frustrating situation, see if there is one thing that may be able to fix it. Even if it’s a small thing. Especially if it’s a small thing. These small things add an awful lot to your overall emotional state and energy levels. One less thing to be annoyed about? I think it’s at least worth a try.

Picture: Pixabay / CC0



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