The Plunge Manifesto

9 Dec

Usually in December, I have the habit of looking back at the year, re-remembering all the things that have happened, creating lists and overviews in order to put a nice ribbon around the year and then put it on a shelf to welcome the next year with fresh, open arms.

Not this time. My personal 2016 was quite different from previous years and I have already created different accounts to keep track of my life throughout the year, which means that now I don’t really need much looking back to get an overview. 2016 was quite eventful, equally energetic and exhausting, pretty nervous at time and despite some bumps along the way (I literally started the year with a concussion after an accident in December 2015), pretty darn good overall because, if anything, it was full of life.

There are two 2016 events that stick out and had pretty big knock-on effects and shook up my life more than anything else. Both were decisions I took and then executed. They were surprising, tough, even somewhat brave. There were moments in the process when I felt incredibly weak and vulnerable, where I could not even imagine that there would be a safe shore on the other side but in both cases, I always knew that I was doing the right thing. And that knowledge gave me a lot of strength – knowing that while tough, the decisions were ultimately right. And they were mine. That knowledge gave me so much reassurance, power and serenity. I had very little idea about what would await me on the other side, but I knew that whatever it would be, it would also be right. Because the decision was right, the process was as right as I could manage it and because I simply chose to look at the whole thing that way. There was a lot of uncertainty, but I found that utterly exhilarating.  At last, the chance for a surprise or two! I (mostly) love surprises!

And, oh boy, surprises I have had. More than I could have possibly imagined when I started the process. One thing let to another and another and… My life has been transformed on many levels, has clicked back into old ways and has also had some totally new elements added to – as a result I am still buzzing and I am a lot happier than I was 12 months ago. And it’s because of decisions and actions I took. And a little drizzle of fate/luck/chance/accident….

This is a manifest for making and taking action on the right decisions. Paradoxically we have the tendency to hold on tight to things that aren’t right or even actively bad for us, so letting go of those things is one of the most liberating and exhilarating experiences life has to offer. And yes I am talking about things as little as that stupid eyeliner we hate but still use on a daily basis (why do these things take so long to run out?!) and things as big as the person sleeping next to us. This is right up there with actively reaching out to the things that are right for us. And we all know what’s ultimately right or wrong for us. We all have that intelligence living in our system – somewhere between our head, heart, stomach and that special smile that only gets triggered by certain people (and perhaps some things, but mostly people). We sometimes lose connection to that intelligence and it can be quite painful when we realise that the life we are living is in conflict with that inner truth – but that pain has a message for us and should be motivation enough to do something! And not only are we doing it for ourselves but also for others. If somebody is not right for us, we are probably not right for them either. But they may not be as brave as we are to make the right decision. Also, living in sync with our needs and enjoying the happiness that results from that can be a massive boost for others too. So by looking after ourselves we are in fact doing public service!

So – 2016 has 22 more days. That’s plenty of time to get in touch with our inner truth buddies and see how we’re doing. And then we pick one thing (1 is already more than 0) that we know is not right for us or that we want in our life. Then we have a glass of red wine. And then we do something about it. We stop it, we start it. We love it, we change it, we leave it. You know what’s right for you. So go on, take the plunge!

Picture credit: via  (CC0 license)


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