How to Fab v.2

9 Oct

Well, hello there!

Sometimes life gives you hints that you shouldn’t ignore. In my case that was a number of people saying recently “You know that blog you used to write…”. Also, I recently wrote an article about burnout (here in de and en) that went totally off the charts (over 400k views) and I don’t think I have ever had (and probably never will have) such an audience again, so I thought I’d take this as a message from the universe (thanks!) and re-launch How To Fab. As much as I’d love to write a book or something with more meat, now is not the time for that, and I just love the more instant gratification of writing and publishing that I can have here.

So, after a 3 years hiatus I am back at the keyboard trying to wrangle my thoughts into coherent words. A lot has happened since the last post but a lot has also stayed the same and I am looking forward to explore all the spaces that my life currently consists of.

I will make some small changes to the way I was writing before (and I will only include copyright free images alongside the articles and give due credit), but I am keeping all previous blog posts up here – they may not reflect my thinking now but hey, life is a journey and in order to evolve we must accept that looking back can sometimes be a bit cringe-worthy.

Some of the highlights since October 2013:

  • I successfully completed my psychotherapy training and in June 2015 launched Gedankenklinik (Thinking Clinic), my Life Coaching and Psychotherapy practice.
  • After reading Sheryl Sandberg’s successful book Lean In, I joined a Lean In circle in Berlin and even set up a new one together with a fantastic group of women from all over the world and from different professional backgrounds. We now have over 40 members and our monthly meetings are totally inspiring.
  • I picked up and developed a deep love for core/strength training (me???) and managed to bring back Yoga into my life. Can’t even begin to say how happy this is making me.
  • I continue to feel extremely privileged when friends or colleagues trust me with their personal stories (good or bad) and when I become part of other peoples’ journeys.
  • I FINALLY managed to introduce karaoke to my company’s annual team gathering. I am tearing up when I think about that. So much happiness there.
  • My wheat intolerance went away. Over night. Just like that. Weird.
  • I wrote and recorded a song for my brother’s 40th birthday. Not quite Beyoncé but I have to admit: Making music is dope, yo!
  • I signed up to this magnificent daily newsletter called “Notes from the Universe”. Everyday at around 9am a message drops into my inbox that makes me either laugh or cry a little. It’s like being tickled or whacked by a slightly drunk angel.

I only actually read Sheryl Sandberg’s book after reading her very touching article on mourning after her husband had suddenly died in 2015. And it is also in response to that article that I want to share some of my thoughts and quarrels again. I can’t of course make myself entirely free from ego and narcissistic tendencies here too, but perhaps some of my words will help others with their life, just as I have benefitted from other peoples’ shared stories.

So, everybody: Welcome back! Drinks anybody?

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