Mayday, Mayday

1 May

Well hello there! Fancy seeing you here. I know, it’s been a while. What can I say, I have been sooooo busy, you would not believe it. And then all the things I had to do and all the stuff that needed sorting….Nah, bollocks. There was no particular reason for my writing break. Just happened. And now I am sitting here again, at ze good ol’ Laptop and doing the oh so familiar ‘just gonna type away until sense or narrative emerge’.

Actually what got my blogging mojo going again, was this: How to be German in 20 Easy Steps. Very silly and very funny. And oh ja, very true. After 16 months back in Das Mutterland, I would of course add some other points to the lists – like always having to have the last word. Like adding a few more points to a perfectly fine list about How to be German. *insert laughter*. The informed reader will remember that  I was somewhat terrified about my return to Germany. Turns out, all went easier than expected and I have found a Germany-shaped place in my heart again for all things Apfelschorle and Kartoffelpuffer. My favourite pastime right now is German words. I am rediscovering old ones, like Kartoffelpuffer, and learning new ones. It will come to no surprise – this is also one of the points in the article above – that talking about sex is no biggie (ha!) here and hence discussing gang bangs over breakfast is super natürlich, ja?! However, what had me nearly choke on my Milchkaffee was the German word for it: Rudelbumsen. I am convinced you don’t have to speak German to find that word hilarious. Anyway…

What else: I have decided to train as Psychological Counsellor / Personal Coach, whatever you wanna call it. Starting in August for 20 months. I guess this blog was some sort of indication for the fact that I care about what goes on inside people’s heads – mine included. That and another million reasons have now come together and helped me make that decision. I am currently reading a bible of a book about Psychology and trying to figure out the difference between physiological and biological psychology. I manage about 3 pages a day. Reading about neurones and neurotransmitter is actually really interesting, but my poor little cabbage brain has not had to understand anything like this in about 15 years.

AND, I have FINALLY joined a French class! Conversation et Communication Commerciale! It is a lot of fun and it feels like reactivating a part of my brain that has not been used in a very long time. I am basically the living proof that the guy who wrote the article about the Germans has a point. Yes, we Germans apparently like learning stuff.

I guess all is honkey doodle. I wanted 2013 to be about consolidating and about calming things down. 3 weeks in India obviously helped with that, although the state of relaxation and of not-giving-a-toss did not last for too long, especially as it was directly followed by 6 weeks of more work travel. Zen that is not. But I have now very much cut down on work travel and I am making room for other things in my life. I still don’t feel like I have arrived in Berlin, but decided to stop fretting over that. It will happen one day. Or not. It’s not like I can control that. But what I can bring to the table is the confidence (I actually prefer the German word Zuversicht) and the belief that it will be fine either way and the courage to try new things in the meantime. I realised the other day that I had these qualities (confidence and courage, I mean) by the bucket load when I was younger and that I have run pretty empty on both recently. And especially when I look back at the last few years and across the different areas in my life, that seems like a very common thread. But I am bringing them back. Stay tuned.


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