Things I (don’t) miss about England

6 Dec

It’s nearly coming up to a year that my dad came to Newcastle, put me and all my stuff in his car and together we sailed away from glory Engeland, marking the end of a wonderful 6-and something-years journey.

Being a reminiscing kinda gal, I am thinking about that time with some distance now. So here are my TOP THING I MISS (OR NOT) ABOUT ENGLAND AND NEWCASTLE SPECIFICALLY 12 MOTHS AFER MOVING AWAY:

Things I miss 

1) Newcastle: I don’t think I have ever really gotten under the skin of a place as deeply as in Newcastle. I really felt part of a community and I could still walk around there with my eyes closed.

2) Food (most of this is from pre coeliac times): Crumpets, Pret a Manger sandwiches and hot wraps, Indian food, Mince pies, Sushi TakeAway lunch boxes from Yo Sushi, Curly Wurlys, Fish & Chips, Pies, Cheddar, Pigs in Blankets, Yorkshire Puddings, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Pork & Apple sausages.

3) Supermarkets, especially Sainsburys: There is not one place in Germany where you can buy everything like in Snozboz and where you can get £10 off vouchers.

4) Drinks: Cider, Ginger Beer, Rose Lemonade, Sailor Jerry Rum, Grolsch (not really that English, I know).

5) People: Of course, me peeps. Can’t put into words just how much I miss them. (more than points 1-4 for sure)

6) TV: Dubbing is devil’s work, so anything in original language quite frankly. Specifically Eastenders (yes, I know…), Question Time, QI, Peep Show, Shooting Stars…..and all other the good dramas and comedies.

7) Paying with cards: This is a huge pain in Germany. Most places don’t accept cards, you can’t get cashback anywhere and (this is the best), if you withdraw cash from any ATM that is not your bank’s, you pay stupid extra fees. So you end up walking around with either loads of cash or no cash at all. And this is meant to be the economic centre of Europe!

8) Not having to pay ridiculous amounts for Health Insurance. Not so much the NHS as such, but I am missing those extra £300 per month.

9) The Lake District, London, Edinburgh (and the coastal line up to Scotland), Bamburgh, Wales.

10) Eee, alreet pet!?

11) Much cheaper mobile phone contracts.

12) Dried and chopped mint. Can’t find it anywhere in Germany.

Things I don’t really miss that much

1) Snow chaos: I mean that is just sill right?! Why would you drive your tiny Fiat Panda up a hill with summer tyres and when you have never driving successfully in the snow?! And why would you not clean the pavements, dear city councils?

2) The UK government: Bunch of aggravating idiots.

3) Sport: Cricket, Rugby – Life is just too short.

4) Drinks: Guinness, Ales, Pimm’s….loved serving them. Never a fan of drinking them.

5) The UK School system: Never ever got my head around that.

6) Cycling lanes merging with bus lanes.

7) Seeing girls in vest tops and Flip Flops in November.

8) The weather: when it’s good, it’s fine. When it’s bad, it’s suicidal.

9) TV: Embarrassing Bodies, all these casting shows and other ‘real live TV’ crap. All these despicable ‘TV personalities’.

10) That sickening odeur of cheap after shave, WKD, raspberry fog and sick when you walk into a night club.

11) Scouse English. Weird.

12) Carpets in bathrooms.

13) Roundabouts in random places.


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