Dear Fabienne

17 May

Dear Fabienne,

I know this month has been a bit shit. You’ve been exhausted, sad, frustrated. But come on, it’s time to snap out of it. Remember the English lesson you got from your  5 yr old niece  (who actually thinks you’re quite cool, bless her)? Or the evening you and your friend spent planning your joint wedding – at Sanssouci Castle, where some sort of air navy squad would clear the sky for the day, your dress of 100% diamonds, your  helicopter departure and your lack of empathy for bystanders’ hair arrangements – you had so much fun you were actually crying. Seriously woman, you have nothing to complain about. Yes it sucks that every minute, somebody pops out a baby or gets engaged. Yes, it sucks being single when you don’t want to. Yes, it is highly inconsiderate for others to have a life but flower, they don’t actually do that to piss you off and the fact that you know that your impeccable girlfriend skills are currently wasted is because you have had some fantastic relationships in the past. Is that such a bad thing? And quite frankly, putting your romantic hopes on the people you have recently chosen for this game, was silly and was never going to go anywhere. And you know that. And being mad at them for acting exactly like you would have expected and wanted them to, had you not been the target of their non-attention, well, what can I say….. So lady, cheer up, you’re not getting any younger! Sadness does not become you and that miserable Bonjour Tristesse face you’ve recently been carrying around with you wouldn’t even inspire a suicidal poet. I wouldn’t have wanted to go on a date with you and I am, well, you. I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation. Woman, you are not 14 anymore. Seriously….  If you want to have interesting and inspiring people in your life, start with yourself.

And boo-hoo, your job is currently a bit difficult. Well princess, life is not a pony farm (!!) and many people would kill to simply work from the same office as you do. Finding personal fulfilment through work is a risky strategy and being the miserable cow you have been recently, it’s no wonder you don’t find joy in anything. In 2 weeks time you’ll be in Paris. For work. Quelle misère!

I mean yes, Life has been a bitch. Your journey to Perugia was challenging (sorry, no seat on the plane for you – oh, and your suitcase didn’t make it – oh, and your name is not on the list for a hotel room) and it didn’t help getting knocked off your bike just when you allowed a smile on your face. But man, that can’t stop you. I know you, you can be tough and you have the ability to draw something good out of most situations. Life is not after you like in some sort of Conspiracy Movie. Otherwise you would have ended up in hospital. Yes you still can’t sow and your cooking skills aren’t the most refined, but blaming your mum for that doesn’t really work now, does it? And who do you actually think you are? Do you really expect good things to simply fall in your lap. How about doing something good and worthwhile yourself? I know you still remember the billboard sign that said ‘When is the Last Time you did something for the First Time?’.

The past 12 months have been pretty full-on, I give you that. No week was like the next but remember the Vision Statement you wrote 14 months ago where you wanted to be on your 31st birthday? Well sugar pie, some of it seemed ridiculous at the time but apart from having taken a French course, you are EXACTLY where you wanted to be. And it is fair to say that in some respects you have far exceeded your own expectations.

It’s your birthday this weekend and two of the finest people in the world  are currently on their way to come and see you and to party with the other silly sods you call your friends and colleagues. Your family is wonderful, your friends are all top banana. Everybody is healthy and you have finally mastered the art of back combing.

Now shut up, be grateful, relax and have fun.

Truly Yours


5 Responses to “Dear Fabienne”

  1. NickyH May 17, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    Have a great Birthday Fab ! xx nicky

  2. Lyndsay May 17, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    Great post, sugar pie! x

  3. Laura Foster May 17, 2012 at 12:45 pm #

    Get out there are cause some trouble, 31-style. Much love and miss you always xxx

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