2012 – Bring. It. On.

7 Jan

I never make New Year’s resolutions on New Year’s Eve. I’m either too busy dealing with the still occurring year, still struggling from the food/drink/family binge in order to think clearly enough, simply too cynical or just clueless what to decide on as I haven’t met the new year yet. But then about a week later, the new year and I have got to know each other a little bit and I get a sense of what the remaining 51 weeks might look and feel like or at least what I want them to look and feel like. And that’s what it’s about, innit.

The informed reader will know that the fact that it’s now 2012 and not 2011 anymore quite frankly doesn’t rank that highly in my own little universe. New country, new city, new flat, new job, new local pub – makes everything new. ‘Oh yeah, it’s also a new year’ is a bit like a token side dish (like the courtesy pea!). To some extent it mirrors a bit what happened this time last year. New relationship status, new flat, new clothes (high five KLM, you b***h!). New Years was probably the least new thing back then. But I remember vividly sitting in the new pad about 2 weeks later, looking at a set of brand new walls with big eyes and thinking ‘Right, this feels like a blank slate. What am I going to do with it?’. There were enough reasons to be swept away by some of the rubbishness of the new situation but I refused to get dragged along. I went for ‘I am going to make this the best year EVER. I am going to turn 30 and Rock ‘n’ Roll and Cosmopolitans shall be my guiding lights ‘. And they were. So now, I find myself again looking at a set of new walls, with a pair of trendy specs (ha!) asking myself the same question: What do I want to happen this year? Here’s my wish list:

JOB: I am going to throw myself at the new job like there is no tomorrow. I’ve only really been at it for 4 days, and my head really really hurts now with all this new stuff (we build Software. SoftWHAT?!) but I think the team is great, what we make is cool and extremely worthy without sounding vanilla and evangelistic and the scope for the business and my role within it is ve-he-ry exciting. I am off to Prague in 2 days time and I have a feeling I will be using my passport a lot, which I like. I want to really push myself this year, do a really good job and tackle some big, scary stuff.

BERLIN: At the moment, Berlin is like a big blue fluffy teddybear and I just want to throw myself at it, wrap my arms around it and squeeze it! In my first week I had a massive night out (New Years), went to the cinema 3 times and went out once with a few people. That’s good going and I intend to keep it that way. There is so much on offer and I don’t want to be one of those people who live in a cool place but never get out of their little district. I want to really get to know Berlin, not just the cool nightlife. I’m currently reading a lot about Berlin, its history, cultural and social developments etc. as I want to get a better understanding of the place. The surface here is one thing, but what lies underneath is in parts pretty heavy and I just want to know about it.

GERMANY: Where 2011 was probably all about me as an individual and tuning back into my head, heart and tummy, 2012 will probably be a lot about me as a (cross) cultural / pan European / German being. Parts of that will come through my job, but I am also really looking forward to re-discovering Germany again. When I last lived here, in 2005, I really was very young and didn’t appreciate things the way I do now. But like a good old cheddar, I’ve matured during my years in England and am looking at my home country with very different eyes. So I am planning trips to old and new places, taking part is super German events (Carnival in February, wine festivals in the summer etc.) and generally opening my eyes to Germany as a country again.

LOVE: 2011 was fun and games, but not exactly the most romantic or sexy year in my life. If I was a less conscientious or more attention seeking person, I could really spill some beans here, but let’s just say “It was dull for most of it, pretty full on for some of it, but in overall love terms not exactly a year I’d like to do again in the same way.” So, for 2012 I’d like for things to change. I honestly can’t say how I would paint this particular picture if it was up to me, either the most romantic love story ever or a string of mind blowing ‘liaisons dangereuses’, both options are fine by me. Just no babies. Not yet. On that note, I went for a run this morning and saw lots of Yummie DADDIES with prams running as well. On one occasion I saw the corresponding mum sitting in a cafe with her girlfriends enjoying a Prosecco brunch while daddy took care of body and baby. That’s the way forward for myself, future MrFab and MiniFab. I can see that arrangement working very well.

MICHAEL FASSBENDER: My official crush and official candidate for the position of MrFab for 2012, taking over from Don Draper. Possibly a bit less out of my reach than the other categories but I am just putting it out there. I think the guy can’t act for his life, but by god is he handsome and I find his somewhat confused German/Irish/English accent adorable. And somebody needs to look after his undoubtedly huge….er…..ego, and I would happily volunteer to help out on that front. Just saying. I’d hate to find out that a new colleague is his sister who is desperately trying to hook him up and me missing out by simply not speaking up. FaFa. Works for me.

HEALTH: Carry on the same way. The only thing I categorically still don’t do is wheat but everything else is fine, either is moderation or not, whatever feels right. I know that by denying myself anything I become manic and obsessive and hence usually achieve the total opposite, so in terms of food and drink, I will continue following the ‘whatever, whenever’ method. And after having joined what feels like 27 gyms in my life time, I shall NOT give my money to one this year. By signing a contract, I usually also seem to sign up to ‘never ever using it’ (is that a hidden message somewhere in the small print?!) and I am happy enough going for the occasional run (especially when there are yummie RunDaddies to perv on), so no money shall be spent on a gym when it can be put to use somewhere else. If a random Capoeira or Shiatsu class pops up, I’ll probably say yes to it, but never by way of a membership. Of course I’d like to shed a bit of weight as I am not exactly feeling tutti frutti in my skin right now. But the most effective diet for me usually is simply being busy and occupied, then I just forget to eat. I’m optimistic.

MONEY: I probably single handedly kept the beauty and spa industry going last year (you wouldn’t know by looking at me), which was fine but I am a bit meh about it now, so I will try and stick to basics and be a bit more sensible about my beauty products budget. In general I’ll try and put a bit more savings aside, for peace of mind really. I haven’t got all my budgets nailed (what?! I hear you say) as I haven’t got all details on my finances yet, but overall I’d like to have money in the bank. Being 30 and that.

WISDOM: Keep on reading. I probably read about 10 books last year which is unheard of for me. That was cool and I will keep doing that, also because there is a very good chance I won’t get myself a TV. I am without one at the moment and I don’t see the problem. As mentioned before, German TV is spine twistingly bad and as long as I can listen to BBC radio, watch the Big Bang Theory on DVD and stuff online, I think I’m fine. Improving my French is on the list though, either through a course, an ‘oliday or a French ami, on va voir.

FAME: Totally on the cards.

TRIPS: Already discussed a trip to Argentina and Brazil with a friend, but right now I have zero idea of realistically how much holiday I am going to have and how and where and when. These two are next on my list of Places Fab Wants To See Please. One might also pop back to Malaga for a weekend of frivolity and Calamari. That definitely seems likely.

I think this is all pretty tame stuff actually. Not planning on joining a cult or getting a tattoo – although, there is a parlour next door and if I stumble in there after a merry night out, who knows what can happen. I have had drunken hair cuts before. Well, I will leave it there, because I also want to leave enough room for surprise. So then destiny, take me away on your angel wings, keep me happy and look after me in 2012.


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