Hot Off The (independent open source) Press

10 Nov

Ladies and Gentlemen….drumroll please….I have a rather exciting announcement to make (shush there in the back!): As of yesterday it is officially official that I will be joining the wonderful people at Sourcefabric in Berlin from January 2012. This development has been slow cooking on the hob for a few weeks, but I didn’t want to jinx it all by prematurely whooping about it. But it’s all signed and sealed now and, as you can imagine, I am happy as Larry.

In a nutshell, Sourcefabric build open source software for independent journalism (newspapers, radio stations etc.). The team consists of a very fine selection of very talented and highly entertaining individuals from all over the world. I had the great pleasure of meeting most of them at their annual conference in Prague last month and was swept away by everybody’s talent, energy and enthusiasm. (If any HR people are reading this, I can also highly recommend including a Wine Tasting session into any recruitment process – works a treat!).

This means I shall be saying ‘CUT!’ to producing films, but it might not come as the biggest surprise to read that I have been actively looking for a change and when this opportunity came up, it just felt right. The company is as international as it can possibly be (literally everybody there is at least bilingual), has offices around the globe and does stuff that actually matters. I am joining the organisation at a very exciting time and will hopefully be successful in helping them grow and flourish even more. Super exciting and also super scary – but in a good way. Some of it is definitely outside of my comfort zone, but close enough to think I can actually get there. I just need to have an open and curious mind, push myself and get on with it. And wouldn’t it be boring if it wasn’t a little bit scary?

I have never lived in Berlin before, but have been a few times, so I can really start painting the picture of my future – the people involved and the streets I will wander. And as I mentioned before, I like to visualise things in my little head.

But the coolest thing is that the ‘Fabness’ does not have to stop. (With that I mean that the word ‘fab’ just doesn’t really exist in German and also nobody in Germany calls me Fab – but Sourcefabric, or SourceFABric as I’d like to think of it, operates in English so I can keep my very handy name). It might sound trivial, but being able to introduce yourself with ‘Hi, I’m Fab’ really is fun and means you pretty much always start on good terms with any stranger – apart from the ones who don’t like overused adjectives.

This also means, I can fully throw myself into enjoying the last 6 weeks (6 WEEKS?!) in Newcastle like a mad person. I am making really good progress with the Bucket List, I think this week alone I am ticking off 5 things, so all is in hand. Saw an excellent band last week, Lanterns on the Lake, who are on tour at the moment – go see!

I also forgot to mention one thing in my last blog – there is an excellent podcast called Stuff you Should Know (From How Stuff Works). 2 guys explaining the most random things in the world. So far I have learned how curiosity works, how hate works, shrunken heads, suicide bombers and about the most famous scientists who experimented on themselves. I can’t quite bring myself to hear about circumcision in too much detail – but for those of you who are interested, there is a podcast about it.


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  1. zahra November 10, 2011 at 9:02 pm #

    Good Luck Fabienne. xxx

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