Tour de Fab – 53 days to go

24 Oct

My life has recently gained a bit of mad momentum and thanks to the Bucket List, amongst other things, I am doing a lot more than I can process. I hope I will find the time to write about some of the deeper stuff I have recently been chewing over with people, but this entry is merely a quick update on the List:

– DONE: trip to Turkish Baths x 1, trip to London x 1

– PLANNING: Newcastle United Match, 2 local gigs, St Sushi dinner, second London trip, Halloween Party

– LOOSELY TALKING ABOUT: Feathers Inn dinner

Other things I’ve done, that weren’t on the list but were tremendously enjoyable:

– Horse Riding lesson

– Zumba class

– Watching the sunrise over the Newcastle / Gateshead quayside (I leave you guessing whether that was at the end of a night or the beginning of a day)

– Wine Tasting in Prague

– Hip Hop Dance performance in London (watched, not participated in)

Overall, and this will come as no surprise, creating a Bucket List is highly recommendable and it makes the whole leaving thing a lot more bearable. The sexy hairdresser I visited last week (uh yeah) recommended 2 more things (Running up the sand dunes at Alnmouth & Eating at the Joiners Arms in Newton By the Sea) but again that would require a car and I have not had fantastic responses on that front so far (HINT!).

I’ve also set a date for my official leaving party. I didn’t want one. Really didn’t. And then I was told that I simply HAVE to have one and that was that.

And… Things are looking good and exciting on the job front. I won’t release any further details until things are well and truly firmed up, but I am hopeful that I won’t have to move in with my parents (sorry, but….you know we’d drive each other mad!).

Overall I am very relaxed right now and just enjoying life. I have been spending some proper quality time with good friends who have very kindly fed and watered (well, wined) me. The sadness about leaving is getting put into perspective by the new horizon gaining shape and I am simply far too tired from all this ‘doing’ that I have little brain space left for over-thinking things. Which is good.


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