It’s just too windy up north

21 Sep

Right folks, for those who haven’t looked for clues between the rather obvious lines: It is official, I am moving back to Germany. In December. For Christmas. (Unless I get a fancy job offer from a Buenos Aires or New York or Paris based company in the meantime). After 6 wonderful years in wonderful Newcastle, I have decided it’s time to move on. It’s partly a move back to known territory but partly a move to new grounds, as I will probably move to a place where I have never lived before. There are no further details at this point, but I am hopeful that the clouds of uncertainty will lift themselves soon.

This is obviously quite a big step. I am really looking forward to throwing myself into this exciting new journey and I can’t wait to find out where I’ll arrive. But it’s the leaving bit that I am dreading. 6 years are a long time and I have done some pretty big things in that time and have met an amazing bunch of people – which makes this undertaking quite sickening. I am already contemplating simply sneaking away one Tuesday afternoon in a ‘I am just gonna pop to the shop’ fashion as I can’t bare the idea of having to say goodbye to people who I’d rather actually take with me. Leaving the US after 1 year was difficult, leaving Düsseldorf after 2 years was slightly traumatic, I can’t even begin to imagine what this will feel like. Anyway, enough of the drama. I am determined to make my last 90 days in the UK truly memorable. There will of course be a lot of reminiscing, plenty of cocktails and the odd (weekly) trip to the local Fish’n’Chip shop 🙂

Some of the reminiscing is starting right now:

Things I still don’t understand

Cricket: Still NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what Cricket is about. White Noise holds more information for me than any talk about wickets and innings.

Salt & Vinegar: You have to grow up with it. I didn’t.

‘This’ and ‘That’: In theory I know when to use ‘this’ or when to use ‘that’, but in practice I tend to ignore any grammatical wisdom.

Guinness: Loved making it when working in a pub, but whenever I try a sip I want to cry. I would have liked to like it, but would have needed another 17 years.

How to do an Irish or Scottish Accent: Turns out you can’t learn accents through osmosis.

Courtesy Peas: A handful of green stuff that is supposed to make you feel better about yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good pea, but there is nothing wrong in enjoying meat and potatoes as they are. I am German in case you forgot.

Peter Kay: Not funny.

(Some of the) Things I’ll miss

Curly Wurlys: Genius concept and name.

Sunday lunches: The whole concept of trying to defeat logic by looking forward to and any physical law by actually eating literally twice your body weight is simply divine.

Fish & Chips: Anyday.

Wikinsons: Hey, need to buy deodorant, a note book, some cheese, a table, dog food and some Pick’n’Mix? Yeah, exactly.

The Highstreet: After having invested many a weekend checking out every single shop under the sun to find out where to get the best socks, eyeliners or sushi, I shall now say goodbye to Pret, Wagamama, M&S and Spake NK. Harumph.

Eastenders: Yes, really!

Radio 2 and 6: German Radio or S.U.C.K. FM usually makes me cry. But hey at least it keeps Genesis, Sting and Roxette in business.

English TV (not dubbed): The biggest German crime (after World War I and II I guess) was bringing dubbed films and television to innocent households. Imagine Braveheart without the Scottish Accent or Hugh Grant without his silly posh voice. No fun.

Caramel slices / Shortbread / Crumpets: I’ve obviously had to say goodbye to the real deal ages ago – thanks to the wheat thing – but there are wheat-free options that I’ve been enjoying and I am pretty certain that Germany hasn’t embraced the genius that is a crumpet yet.

So there. It will come as no surprise that my detox is now officially over. I managed (more or less) to live for 2 weeks off fruit and veg but I will need professional food to get me through the next few weeks and months!


2 Responses to “It’s just too windy up north”

  1. catastrophicfindings September 21, 2011 at 9:50 pm #

    Really enjoyed your posts! Looking forward to following your adventures back in Germany!

    • fabienneriener September 21, 2011 at 10:22 pm #

      Thank you! There will no doubt be plenty before my actual departure 🙂

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