Things I’ve learned in 2011 so far

11 May

I’ve clearly not thought this through. Launching a blog at a time when I barely have time to eat was a silly idea. But what I really didn’t see coming was people’s reactions which have really put a smile on my face but have also been causing me to stress and panic as it’s now time to write Blog No 2. And as with music and films, the second attempt is never really a hit, is it? So let’s get it over with pronto and then get to the Pulitzer-standard stuff. Ha!

So this is a super random collection of things I have learned (or is it learnt?) and discovered in 2011 so far: Facts, nuggets of wisdom, attitudes and objects. Most of this is pretty mundane stuff (lowering your expectations at this point, see). Enjoy!


You are what you eat. And you eat what’s in your fridge. So don’t buy crap.

Fashion & Beauty

Wearing a good dress in the office can work wonders and with the right pair of heels can get you through all sorts of difficult or boring days at work.

Falke make the best tights

Unless they are one-off fashion trends, cheap shoes are not worth their money and should be banned. It is worth spending money on shoes that you wear a lot.

Hydradermie Facials are like the most amazing thing ever and using a hot towel when cleaning your face is like an instant spa experience and a really nice daily treat. Somebody could have really told me about that earlier.


Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent‘ said Victor Hugo. That’s the clever bit. Music is also just really good innocent fun on tap. I firmly believe that after almost a year together, my iPhone knows me better than I know myself so I usually have the music selection set to random, in the hope that it picks the tracks that are just right for me at that moment in time. Works most of the time actually. Clever iPhone.


Is sometimes just that = work. It’s not your life, it’s part of it. So if it really pisses you off or stresses you out, just put it in a box and don’t let it ruin the rest of your (or your friends) life. Or: Attack it with a smile (I didn’t come up with this very useful little mantra, but I am using it a lot to refocus my mind).

Mad Men

If you haven’t already – Go out and buy it now. I am not kidding, what are you doing reading this rubbish? Leave the house now and don’t come back until you know who Don Draper is. Or is it Dick?


Spending time with yourself can be really nice (if you are a nice person). Taking time to do things like having a bath, reading a book, doing your nails properly, watching Mad Men, going for a walk or going through your wardrobe as if it was somebody else’s and finding new outfit combinations (yes, really) can be really relaxing and grounding. We all run around like headless muppets most of the time and then spend our free time with other people, which isn’t wrong. But spending time with yourself should feature every now and then as well. Who knows, you might just enjoy it. And if you’re not a nice person, get off my blog NOW.


They are amazing. They pick you up, keep you together, bring out the best in you, put things into perspective. But

1) in most cases, they are not psychics. So if you need them, reach out to them and ask them for a little bit of TLC, bottles of wine, a lift to the airport, 30 (not 120) minutes to empty your head about a problem at work that has been doing your head in for 3 weeks – whatever it is that you need. Real friends will never judge you or think badly of you for asking for help. Most of us are closer to our friends than we are to our families and we need a bit of looking after every now and then. It’s a basic need and most of us are more than happy to give support and advice, so why not ask for it every now and then?

2) they need looking after too. Friendships don’t come for free and, like any other relationship, need a bit of maintenance every now and then. When is the last time you sent an email to a friend simply to ask how they are doing? Or you actually picked up the phone to say Happy Birthday in person (not sent a card / text / email / tweet)? We can probably all think of a friend who has gone through a tough time and although we were thinking about it, we never actually reached out to them and taken some time to give them a break. It’s so easy to send a text and say “Let me know if you need something”, but may I refer to point 1) at this moment: most of us don’t like asking for help.

Oh my…, this has suddenly gone all deep.

Better stop now.


One Response to “Things I’ve learned in 2011 so far”

  1. yosi May 12, 2011 at 8:53 am #

    nice to read, du sprichst mir aus der Seele!
    (no idea how to express that in english, sorry).
    Go on please! 🙂

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