So here I am

8 May

Welcome to my First Blog!

When I recently started writing a diary again after 12 years I thought that I could share some of my thoughts in form of a blog. There is no plan or agenda, hence this will probably be a fairly random collection of stories from my professional and personal life and, if nothing else, an exercise in digesting some of the things that are on my mind.

I love writing and find it genuinely therapeutic. So even if nobody will ever read this, I am happy in the knowledge to have spent some time reflecting – and undoubtedly in some cases venting.

Why ‘How to Fab’? This is about me and what makes me tick. As tempting as it could have been to give this blog the title ‘Name + Nature = Fab’ or ‘I am Fab – Honestly’, I decided I did not want it to sound like the memoirs of a rubbish soap actress. Good title? You tell me.

What’s the back story?

During the past 6 months I have been on a very interesting journey. Many aspects of my life have changed and I have discovered and re-discovered a lot of fascinating stuff that fills my head every day to the point of near explosion. Some of this will be trivial to some people, but to me this is all very important. To give some context, here are some bullet points most of which will feature in more detail in future blogs:

  • New age: I am going to be 30 this month and I am pretty certain that I am not important enough for that event to stop the world from rotating.
  • New relationship status: Fairly new single after 5 years (this was probably the most important trigger to most of the following).
  • New living environment: I now live in a lovely flat and for the first time in my life share it with another girl, which is just the best thing ever!
  • New mental disposition: It’s all about positivity and happiness. Without trying to sound like a New Age TV psychologist, I believe that a lot of our happiness depends on the way we look at what’s around us. Wherever possible (which is 99%) I chose to start everything I do with a positive mind-set and surround myself with people and things that make me happy. Positivity attracts more good things. Fact.
  • New diet: I’ve stopped eating wheat. I can not stress how life-changing this decision has been. After 15 years of all sorts of wheat-related (as it turns out) pains I finally feel good in my own skin.
  • New ways of learning: For 6 months now, I’ve had a mentor who has introduced me to a number of fascinating news ways of thinking / reflecting / decision-making. After becoming Managing Director of the company I currently work for, I also signed up to a fantastic course called Common Purpose which is all about leadership and continues to broaden my horizon at a breathtaking rate. I also read books again.
  • New wardrobe: KLM lost my suitcase when I went on a 3-week holiday. That was obviously more than annoying but it also allowed me to go shopping like a crazy person and completely renew my wardrobe. I will still never fly KLM again.
  • New hair: Obviously

So, this is a snapshot of what 2011 has had in store for me so far and which is why I am feeling the need to put some thoughts on blog paper. Otherwise I might pop.


One Response to “So here I am”

  1. Andy Brown May 10, 2011 at 9:47 am #

    good look Fab, looking forward to the journey

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